Happy Friday

Got some bowls! Thanks Brittany and Andrew!


Trying to find furniture...

on Craigslist. Anyone selling a queen size bed frame?
Getting excited about the honeymoon - we're going to Montego Bay...


The Progress (thirteen vs. thirtieth)

Bullet points:

- Invites out, awaiting responses, and confirming that yes, it is the 30th of May, a Sunday
- Completely registered at Crate & Barrel and Target, as well as the Pampered Chef
- Looking up honeymoon stuff, weighing options of trip vs. cruise
- Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gifts about in
- Got the wedding bands or rings
- This is all pretty standard stuff I guess, and I wouldn't like to read this, so on to something interesting:

It's going to be a cool wedding. I am really appreciative of all my friends helping out in various and sundry ways. Here's a little shout out list:

Dr. Harper, Jim at Humble Pie, Mr. & Mrs. Beard, Dad & Lynne, Laura, Chip, Courtney, Adam, Christin, Dana

It's been such a quick 2010 so far, thanks for helping out guys.