Versus Con't

Beo vs. Shark



I, Jon, am about to finish up at Southeastern this fall. My last courses?

Baptist History
Christian Theology III
Intro to the Cooperative Program
SEBTS MA Evaluation

If anyone would like to get a job lined up for me after that, that would be amazing.

Some other updates on Hunt living:

Rachel and the fam went to Lenoir again to fix up the two houses. I think Rita actually went this time too. Rachel is loving her job, and cooking a lot more. Beo is doing great, still chewing to fight off the anxiety of his first puppy class. That'll be a blog post for sure. He'll probably paw all the other dogs in the face and then find drugs in someone's bookbag - he's wicked smart already. Lock up your dams!

I'm also working on a special post for a DIY project that will show everyone interested the steps to restoring an old factory cart with little or no experience/resources. It's going to be epic.

Thanks for tuning in, and now, some videos:


Speaking of growing up

How can this happen?

Incredible. I don't know how to educate the masses on how to use googshopping but someday, with the right platform, I will.

The more I think about it, life is one big piggy bank. The more time you put in researching something, the more benefit you get out of it. In almost anything. PhD's are just people willing to confine themselves to rooms for long periods of time, in order to get long periods of gratification from what they discover. G'nite.