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video blog 2: a look back

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but before a walk through:


had to give a shout out to my Bible study for the past 3 years!

Really I just wanted to post this picture! love you girls!

graduation. check.

So thrilled to finally be done with engineering classes at NC State. Loved, loved, loved my 5 years there! and I would definitely send my kids there. But, on the other hand, it is such a relief to know that I am taking the next big step in life, namely life with Jon! and working in the real world. Our families have been more than supportive of everything, and we have been truly blessed. Here are some graduation pics!


"Going to the Registrar of Deeds and we're gathering legal documents for marriage"

Found a spot downtown right in front of the building

Got the paperwork!


new addition to the family! (on June 20th anyway)

Since I can remember, I have wanted a German Shepherd dog. Convincing Jon that we should own such a loyal, friendly, intelligent, and loving pet was easy as long as I agreed to also get a British Golden Retriever somewhere down the road. Easy enough. Who wouldn't want 2 dogs? Plus they are the best motivation to exercise outdoors! Not to mention, good company when you just want to huck a frisbee across a field and have it returned to you. Anyway, he is 3 weeks old now, and we get to take him home in 5 weeks! Can't wait...so excited. I think I'm going to add puppy food and a large crate to our registry. Well, here's a picture of the father. Puppy is going to be so big! We'll post pictures as soon as he's here.


Engagement shoot with Mr. Navey

Sneak peak of what's to come from our adventure downtown and around NC State.
Courtney is one of the most gifted photographers around.


Rachel Got a Job in RALEIGH!

Looks like we're sticking around. Thanks Teleflex!