Back from Lenoir

Houses are shaping up nicely. The attic is finally clean. Most walls have their base coat. Carpet staples out of the hard wood. Huge pile of trash even huger. Good day trip!


Elon will beat Duke 21-20

My prediction. Off to do some tailgating with the fam.
But we're going to have to skip the State game today.


iPhone 4 glass: FAIL!

Problem The phone is made of too much brittle glass that lacks the gusto to survive a 2 foot fall.

Solution The whole antennagate problem did not affect us (as far as we know), but the free case took over a month to get here, arriving the day of the shattering.

Fine Print The Apple Store at Crabtree graciously scheduled an appointment for me at the Genius Bar today. I asked if the broken glass was covered by any warranty, viz. Apple Care. No, the Genius told me. To fix this glass, you have to buy a new iphone ($200). I asked about getting a replacement back online, and he told me if I installed it myself, I would void the warranty. "Oh no!" I thought, "I wouldn't want to void such an all encompassing warranty!"

Hmmm "Ok," I told the Genius, "What kind of case would you recommend? The antenna-remedy one from Mr. Jobs is really thin..."

"We actually don't sell cases right now, due to all the free cases that we're shipping out. So..."

"You don't sell any protective cases for your glass phones?"

"Not at the moment."

On a side note, I walked out and saw my old soccer coach from middle school, who was also looking at iPhones. We shook hands and he asked which one he should get. I told him to pass on the iPhone 4. The sales guy said something like, "well they are extremely thin and functional." I showed them the above pic and said, "Very thin, glassy, and, equally as functional as the 3GS." Silence.

In the end, most things Apple are a pleasant experience, but I would caution everyone about this flaw.