Ikea Run* and off to Lenoir

It's that time of life.

When I was younger, in my teenage years, I really didn't have to worry about furniture, or room set ups, etc. Now that we've been married a bit, conversations have tended toward, "Hey, why don't we get a TV stand instead of putting the TV on a chair?" Hmm. In the same vain that a spouse is said to purify or sanctify you, I think that having company over sanctifies your house. When we have friends and family over, we clean more. With that logic, we're off to Ikea. And the mountains. Rachel's family owns a few houses in, you guessed it, Lenoir (Fr for "black"), and we're off to renovate. That said, if anyone wants any furniture or mt goods let us know! We'll post pics of the great adventure on Sunday!

***Update: Found some stuff on Craigslist - might not go to Ikea after all.

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Wedding pics to come soon!

In the mean time here's a pic I kind of have the rights to:

Note the lack of space from the sparklers and our heads...