new addition to the family! (on June 20th anyway)

Since I can remember, I have wanted a German Shepherd dog. Convincing Jon that we should own such a loyal, friendly, intelligent, and loving pet was easy as long as I agreed to also get a British Golden Retriever somewhere down the road. Easy enough. Who wouldn't want 2 dogs? Plus they are the best motivation to exercise outdoors! Not to mention, good company when you just want to huck a frisbee across a field and have it returned to you. Anyway, he is 3 weeks old now, and we get to take him home in 5 weeks! Can't wait...so excited. I think I'm going to add puppy food and a large crate to our registry. Well, here's a picture of the father. Puppy is going to be so big! We'll post pictures as soon as he's here.

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