I, Jon, am about to finish up at Southeastern this fall. My last courses?

Baptist History
Christian Theology III
Intro to the Cooperative Program
SEBTS MA Evaluation

If anyone would like to get a job lined up for me after that, that would be amazing.

Some other updates on Hunt living:

Rachel and the fam went to Lenoir again to fix up the two houses. I think Rita actually went this time too. Rachel is loving her job, and cooking a lot more. Beo is doing great, still chewing to fight off the anxiety of his first puppy class. That'll be a blog post for sure. He'll probably paw all the other dogs in the face and then find drugs in someone's bookbag - he's wicked smart already. Lock up your dams!

I'm also working on a special post for a DIY project that will show everyone interested the steps to restoring an old factory cart with little or no experience/resources. It's going to be epic.

Thanks for tuning in, and now, some videos:

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