How to Smell Young

I grabbed an clean undershirt from the dresser today, and while putting it on, I thought, "this shirt smells like my grandfather."

This led me down a road of observations, albeit insignificant ones, but ones that may make you consider some options.

I realized I have not bought new undershirts in over a year. I normally get a slew of them at Christmas, but this year, nothing. Even though I wash clothes regularly, a worn out, tired scent had made its way into them. Just dusty smelling. Then I realized that my grandfather, one of the richest, most frugal men I know, still uses really old undershirts.

So buy new undershirts people.

I realize we haven't blogged in a while, and this may not be the post that hooks you, but we will be updating as there are some major changes about to come. And no, it's not that major change you just thought of.

Jon and Rachel

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