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Here come the non-Facebook updates, introspections, and much anticipated info on the Hunts.

Well, not much has changed. Drat. Well, except that I just wrapped up a summer at Alexander Family YMCA, and Rachel is starting Duke this fall. This has been a quick year, and I attribute that to just getting older. We have mastered our routine, and the day-in-day-out part of life has set in. That routine does come with its surprises along the way, but it's not the same as being young and dumb. Maybe not dumb, but the sense of optimism we had as kids, eg, "I could be president" or "I'm going to be a marine biologist", is no longer a goal or an issue. I remember an Inside the Actors Studio episode when Alec Baldwin said: (See 6:25-7:00, or watch the whole thing)

So embracing these next steps of our lives with a sense of normalcy in routine is really the goal. More so for me than for Rachel. Job-wise. You get it.

Other than figuring out how to plan for an amazing future, there are other happenings in our family life. Will graduated from UNC, Caroline and Rita are approaching the end of college, and Ed is recovering from his last chemo treatment. We just moved my grandparents into an assisted living complex, and we're cleaning out their old house to get it ready to sell. Found a lot of cool stuff in the attics, including artwork and mementos from the 50s-80s.

Friends are getting married, having kids, buying houses and cars, finishing internships, getting promotions, moving closer and farther away, and settling in to their lives. That's another thing you deal with in your twenties. In school you are almost force-fed friendships, as the academic setting is like social superglue. I love our friends, but as I'm more of an "out of sight, out of mind" type guy, maintaining relationships has become more work. Good work, that I need to pay more heed to. I hate grammar. That I need to pay more heed? Heeding pay for good work is a must? Bah.

And here are some thoughts I can't just work into a flowing paragraph:
I installed a new horn on the Vespa. Beowulf is in a constant battle with his GI tract, and he's finally putting on more weight. I drove the Vespa to Durham for an oil change. We have no dining room table, as it was taking up too much space. Rachel has almost finished the entire Harry Potter set. I'm getting a new tattoo. We are seriously considering buying a juicer. I'm refinishing an old rocking chair. I spend too much time on modernvespa.com. Companies do not send you requests to see your master's degree. I think I'm too old for Facebook, I'm not LinkedIn, and I don't use Twitter. This fall, we plan on tailgating at State games with the Vespa. We still don't have cable, and we're fine with that. Dyson vacuums have saved our lives. Irene did not affect us, and yes we felt that earthquake.

Thanks for reading, see you in a month!

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