Heading out west this weekend to go to Rachel's cousin's graduation from the Air Force Academy, near Colorado Springs. Here's some pics of Cadet Chapel.

We'll be staying in some hefty houses provided by her aunt and uncle, which is very exciting. Though we Hunt's have traveled near and far, this will be the first time either of us has been to Colorado. In gearing up for what will be a great trip, we asked ourselves, "what kind of clothes should we be packing to accommodate for both the temperature and style of the mid-west/west?"

While this probably is not proper attire for the actual graduation ceremony, it sure looks warm. We're taking Beo to boarding school this afternoon, so we may hit up some thrift stores afterward.

If anyone wants gifts from the wild, wild west, be sure to give us money before we leave. We also charge a $5 handling fee. Until then friends, be well and do great things.


  1. i can't believe neither of you have been to CO! you guys are going to love it out there. don't forget to pack your chacos (and reindeer sweaters?)

  2. you're not truly hipster unless you take your bikes with you