Time for a new ride: Getting stung by the Wasp

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If you're good at keeping up with my ramblings, or reading my mind, well it's time to get a Vespa. I am going to comprise a Pros and Cons list in a second, after I spend some time letting you, our faithful readers, get to know our situation.

"Scooters aren't safe"
"The Explorer isn't safe"

The battle wages on. Rachel drives 26 miles round trip to work each day. She takes our Honda Civic. The fact I called it "our" Civic will probably disturb her. She hates the car. I drive 1 mile to Caribou, and 1 mile home. Many times I just ride my bike to work. Because I hate the Explorer. Horrible on gas, falling apart, screeches, bad shocks, etc. So...

Sell the Honda, let's get a Subaru something
Sell the Explorer, and I'll get a Vespa, you keep the Honda
Send both off cliffs and collect a fat $8,000 check
Keep both, hire Rita as a running coach, run everywhere

Those are our options. A Saudi guy from Caribou tried to tell me we could sell the Explorer for $2500 on Craigslist - there's a Vespa right there. Now let's pause. Why do I want a scooter? There are many practical reasons:


70-80 miles per gallon. And your animal can ride with you. Seriously, not having to pay $40-$60 twice a week would be tear-jerking sweet. And insurance is something like $20 a month through gecko, so that would be substantially cheaper as well. Plus I ain't got no kids. That's enough. Picture number two.

Eye Candy

I mean, just look at it. Here's where I realize many of my goals are just about right, insofar as they are realistically attainable. I don't want some yacht, or 1.8 mil dollar something or other. With a scooter you can be kind of poor, but interesting enough that people will still look at you. Gotta be hip, right? I digress. But there's a point in there somewhere. Anyway, remember when you got your first adventurous medium that took you places faster than you could run? Bliss. The lot, wind in your face, going too fast, wrecking, bleeding, and doing it again. Then we got cars and windshields, seat belts and airbags, and if you're lucky, a sun-roof or convertible. Where's John Eldredge when you need him? And that leads us to our next chart:

And to make a long post short, we took a trip to Richmond, bought a dragon red Vespa LX 150 with only 380 miles. Oh yes we did. And now it sits idly by as I study for a motorcycle permit/license. Fast ending, but hey, it happened. Thanks for your support! Please don't hit me on the road.

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